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Communication in Osteopathic Clinics

What is communication? Communication is “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.” You may already have read our recent blogs that looked at words the harm and words that heal and how words can be nociceptive.  Today we are considering how you communicate and the purpose of communication in your clinic. Within your clinic there are many ways you communicate to your patients – both verbal and non-verbal: The practice environment Your reception staff Website and literature First impressions Your persona/body language Patient Continue Reading »

Learning from clinical experiences

Inevitably in your career you are going to have experiences that cause you an upset.  This could be a complaint against you – formal or informal, an adverse event after treatment, principal-associate issues, business disputes or lots of other situations.  A bad experience can really knock your confidence and have negative effects on how you practice.  Equally a bad experience could become a positive experience helping to develop and inform your practice to become a better practitioner. Negative or Positive? There are two factors that can make all the difference Continue Reading »

How you can Reflect Together

Reflection is a personal journey but that doesn’t mean it has to be carried out alone.  Reflecting with someone else can open up different perspectives and challenge your thinking patterns. I recently attended the excellent NCOR conference on helping patients with pain management.  The afternoon sessions were all practical role plays relating to facilitation and goal setting.  Some of the skills we learnt there I thought could be helpfully be applied to reflecting together. Listen and don’t interrupt This is often difficult for osteopaths.  When listening our brain is in Continue Reading »

Benefits of being a reflective practitioner and how to reflect

Reflection is an essential part of the new CPD scheme.  Not to burden you with extra paperwork or waste your time but so you reap far more benefits from CPD.  You make a significant investment of time and money into your CPD and reflection gives you the opportunity to maximise on your professional development. Reflective practice helps you to strengthen your day to day practice.  It involves studying your own experiences to improve the way you work.  It will help you to increase your confidence, be more proactive and improve Continue Reading »

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We’re now building a community on facebook in our Mint Practice Group.  We’ll still be following the subject of the month but providing practical and interactive information to support one another in practice.  This month’s theme is Reflection. Please come and join us:

Learning from complaints and concerns latest report

NCOR has published its report for 2013-15 on complaints and concerns raised about osteopaths.  It is well worth reading to gain an understanding of weak areas in the profession and to learn from others to maintain safety and confidence in your practice. Complaints and concerns rose to 369 in 2015, a significant increase from the 257 in 2014.  This was fuelled by the increase in advertising complaints which were 156, compared to 9 in 2014.  As usual concerns are almost half and half between conduct and clinical care.  If we Continue Reading »

The New CPD scheme for Osteopaths

For osteopaths there is a new CPD scheme due to commence next year.  For any who are perhaps unaware or unclear about the changes I thought I’d do a quick overview: What’s changing? CPD will take place on a three year programme of 90 hours. CPD must be undertaken that is relevant to the four themes of the Osteopathic Practice standards: communication and patient partnership; knowledge, skills and performance; safety and quality in practice and professionalism From preliminary information it seems that the CPD only needs to be mapper to Continue Reading »

What do you include in your CPD portfolio?

Today I have been updating my CPD portfolio ready for my end of year next month. There are no set ways of recording CPD and each year I make a few adjustments to my system. At the end of each year of CPD I like to reflect on what I have learnt, where I have got to and where I am going. It’s always interesting when I review these reflections a year on and see how my thoughts have changed. At the end of last year I was really interested Continue Reading »

Striking similarities between mentoring and treating

I’ve been taking a course from the Open University on Mentoring and Supervision. It’s a great course, I’d highly recommend it and it’s free – find it here  (There are some other courses available too.) One of the things that struck me was the similarity between the role of the supervisor/mentor and what we do every day in clinic. The course divided the process of supervision into sections, I will look at them here so you can see how you might enhance your clinical skills through developing your supervision/mentoring skills. Continue Reading »

What do you do when you feel discouraged in practice?

All practitioners experience times when they feel discouraged and there can be multiple causes. Maybe patients are not responding to treatment as expected, perhaps you have had a number of difficult cases, maybe you are bored or lacking enthusiasm. I am sure you can add many other reasons…. A difficult time can be as a new graduate starting out in practice. You have worked extremely hard for four years, passed all your exams, received your degree and you are now a registered practitioner. You are excited about starting your career Continue Reading »