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Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults – essential knowledge for clinical practice

Working in private practice puts you in the unique position of spending an extended period of time with children and a person with parental responsibility or simply parents or grandparents.  Safeguarding the welfare of adults or children is not something that you can dismiss as the responsibility of GPs, social services, or teachers. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. As you read media reports about the high profile cases of child abuse you will notice how often the child has had contact with numerous professionals but no-one took the appropriate action for Continue Reading »

When can children give consent to treatment?

The law states that any person with the capacity to consent can give consent to examination and treatment. In this context capacity relates to the ability of the patient to understand and retain information relating to their condition and the proposed treatment. Practitioners need the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions with regard to receiving consent from children. The law is different between Scotland and the rest of the UK for consent from children. Presumed Capacity to Consent In England, Wales and Northern Ireland any person over the Continue Reading »