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An Audit Example – Part 2, STUDY, ACT

This is part 2 of an example of audit, if you missed part 1 read it here.  I have found it a really helpful exercise, it demonstrated what audit is meant to show – what we think we are doing in practice is not necessarily what we are doing.  I have got some good points for action to help me improve over the next year.  My aim is to hopefully demonstrate to you the value of audit and encourage you to audit your own practice and gain the benefits for Continue Reading »

Have you thought about using the STaRT back tool?

The STaRT back tool is for risk stratisfication of back pain patients.  The recently produced NICE guidelines for low back pain recommended the use of a risk stratification tool as quoted below: Risk assessment and risk stratification tools 1.1.2 Consider using risk stratification (for example, the STarT Back risk assessment tool) at first point of contact with a healthcare professional for each new episode of low back pain with or without sciatica to inform shared decision-making about stratified management. 1.1.3 Based on risk stratification, consider: simpler and less intensive support Continue Reading »

An Audit Example – Part 1, PLAN and DO

This blog is going to go through a practical example of audit and the results.  Last week we identified a long list of areas of practice that could be audited.  There were several areas of practice that I was interested in auditing – patient outcomes, care of ‘maintenance’ patients and letter writing. Please note I am not an audit expert, just an ordinary clinical osteopath, like most of my readers.  If you want expert opinion on audit please seek advice from NCOR I am just sharing a practical example of Continue Reading »

What can you audit in your practice? And how?

There are many aspects of your practice that you could audit: Procedures for receiving consent Procedures for handling complaints Patient Records Storage of patient records Infection control Health and safety – manual handling, fire safety, electrical safety, work stations etc. Equipment in your practice An aspect of patient care – exercise prescription, HVT, diagnosis etc. An aspect of patient records – treatment plans, past medical history, recording active movements, recording psychosocial aspects Response to treatment – after first treatment or at end of treatment sessions Non-attending patients Letters written to Continue Reading »

Are you gaining the benefits of both audit and data collection?

Your practice is a hive of data and information and you can use this information to great benefit.  It will help you to build a picture of what your practice is doing and also help you to demonstrate areas of good practice and identify areas where care of patients and procedures could be improved.  Gathering data about your practice will provide you with a wonderful resource for use in marketing and will also help you to continuously improve your practice. It can be surprising to find that what you think Continue Reading »

The benefits of audit in your practice

This podcast looks at practice audit and data collection and how your practice can benefit.  Learn about how to make the audit process easier and the type of data collection that can really inform your practice.