Handling Complaints

Handling Complaints


This is the policy you hope you will never need to use.   It is a requirement of Practice Standards that you have a procedure for responding to complaints.

The last thing any practitioner wants is to receive a complaint. Being equipped to recognise and respond to dissatisfaction quickly and effectively can prevent a complaint from escalating. You may practice in fear of receiving a complaint but being prepared with the knowledge of how to act will reduce your fear. If you receive a complaint you will know how to respond, and techniques to prevent escalation of the situation.

Fulfil the practice standards and be equipped with good procedures – be prepared. This policy has been read and approved by insurers.

  • Recognise complaints early
  • Equip your practice staff to know how to respond to complaints
  • Know the actions to take if you receive a complaint
  • Learn how to use complaints as a positive experience
  • Understand what the duty of candour means for your practice
  • Use the template complaints procedure for your website and practice
  • Audit your complaints procedures

Purchase the download and receive 2 files – The information, policies and procedures and an editable version of the resources.