Staff and Associate Support

Staff and Associate Support


This module will help you to support clinical associates and staff by increasing your knowledge and confidence. If you are an associate -learn about how you could be supported. If you are a principal – how can you support your staff and help them achieve their best in your clinic?

Learn about areas in which you should provide training for clinic staff as a requirement of practice standards. Consider whether you are self-employed and evidence to prove your status. Develop opportunities to share learning in clinic.

Have you ever carried out a colleague appraisal? These are a regular feature of many work-places to help encourage reflective development. There is a template form for you to try out in your clinic.

  • Provide training to your staff
  • Support staff in achieving their full potential
  • Justify your employment structure
  • Try using appraisals in your practice

Purchase the download and receive 2 files – The information, policies and procedures and an editable version of the resources.