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Reflections on a hospital experience

I thought it would be interesting to write some reflections on a recent stay in hospital as a learning exercise and to share the experience. This was the first time I have stayed in hospital: What? I went to hospital with right iliac fossa pain.  The onset was 10 days previously with a gradual worsening.  For the last 3 days it had been painful to walk and change posture.  Examination tests proved negative for appendicitis because there was no rebound pain and pain was not severe enough on palpation.  Blood Continue Reading »

Anticipating COPA Practice Growth show 2015

Here is a summary of my recommendations for the COPA show 2015 People I have heard speak before and would like to hear again: Matthew Wallden – Osteopath and CHEK guru – absolute enthusiast for his work.  Thursday 16:00 – 16:45 Mike Antoniades – fascinating, extremely knowledgeable speaker of the Running School and Sports Dimensions Wednesday and Thursday 11:00 – 11:45 Paul Harradine – Podiatrist – picked up some fantastic tips from him in the past – HES theatre Markus Erhard – Myofascial taping – enjoyed his demonstrations of taping, Continue Reading »

Distinction in health and safety

As part of the research for the Mint folder I studied for a qualification in Health and Safety.  The Neebosh General Certificate is a nationally recognised qualification.  After many hours of home study, 4 hours of exams and a practical submission I was pleased to find out last week that I passed with distinction. The qualification covered a wide range of topics including the safe erection of scaffolding, dangers of excavations and building site regulations which will not be relevant to clinic practice.  Of greater relevance was learning about health Continue Reading »

GOsC Investigations 2014-15

As I read the annual reports of GOsC investigations it produces a mix of emotions – on the one hand it is pleasing that the GOsC is effective at dealing with rogue professionals bringing the profession into disrepute, on the other hand it is saddening that there are so many cases and still many cases which are seemingly unnecessary negligence. You can read the report in the April/May The Osteopath, I summarise some key points here: There were 43 cases considered of which 22 went to the Professional Conduct Committee Continue Reading »

Six facts about Clinical consent

These 6 facts are key to your understanding and application of Clinical consent: Informed, voluntary consent must be received for examination and treatment Shared decision making is the model of choice for receiving consent Every patient giving consent must have the capacity to consent Consent may be written, oral or by compliance Informed consent is needed for examination, treatment and sharing of information Consent is an on-going process, not a one-off event Learn more about consent by purchasing the Mint Folder and audit your consent procedures.  There are template consent Continue Reading »

Friday product focus: Biotensegrity, fascia model

Fascial anatomy and treatments and biotensegrity have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years.   We were really pleased to be able to source a model that will enable you to explain biotensegrity to your patients and the integration of their body system.  The understanding that our bodies are a floating integration, and therefore no movement or response occurs in isolation can easily be demonstrated with these models. There are two fantastic models available: Sqwish is a simple 3D model with interlinked sticks and strings, very similar to the standard simple Continue Reading »

3 ways to avoid patient complaints

In The Osteopath Feb/March 2015 there was an article, ‘What do patients complain about?’ summarising the information gathered by NCOR about patient complaints in 2013.  Based on this information what can osteopaths do to avoid patient complaints? 1) Make sure you receive informed consent Every patient you see should be able to leave your practice with a good understanding of what is causing their symptoms and they should be able to explain the agreed plan for how the problem is going to be dealt with.  Consent is an ongoing process Continue Reading »

Mint has launched

A fresh approach to keeping your practice in great condition – begin the journey today. Membership is now open to begin your journey to clinical compliance.  Join now to receive your membership folder and access to online learning and template policies and procedures.

Nearly there…

What’s been happening at Mint?  We’ve been working hard with the final preparations for getting everything ready for your membership and the shop – graphic design, web design, resources production and much more. Patient resource design work is all completed and the final items are about to be printed – we think you will be suitably impressed with the professional look of the resources. The membership folders with the first quarter of information – handling complaints, communicating benefits and risks of treatment and receiving consent are ready to use.  Everything is provided Continue Reading »