Distinction in health and safety

As part of the research for the Mint folder I studied for a qualification in Health and Safety.  The Neebosh General Certificate is a nationally recognised qualification.  After many hours of home study, 4 hours of exams and a practical submission I was pleased to find out last week that I passed with distinction.

The qualification covered a wide range of topics including the safe erection of scaffolding, dangers of excavations and building site regulations which will not be relevant to clinic practice.  Of greater relevance was learning about health and safety policies, risk assessments, fire and electrical safety, and manual handling all of which need to be applied to clinics.  Most people groan at the mention of Health and Safety as it has become a scapegoat for many rules and regulations, often unnecessarily.  You don’t often hear mention of the countless lives that must have been saved and accidents that must have been prevented by better work practices.  I learnt a lot of valuable information which is  directly applicable to clinics.  All osteopaths are expected to adhere to Health and Safety regulations but it is a lot of work to research and apply the regulations.  Mint has tried to provide an easier way for practitioners to comply.

You will find the information I learned applied to practice in the Mint Folder along with templates for you to use to assess and apply policies in your clinic.

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