Friday product focus: Biotensegrity, fascia model

Fascial anatomy and treatments and biotensegrity have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years.   We were really pleased to be able to source a model that will enable you to explain biotensegrity to your patients and the integration of their body system.  The understanding that our bodies are a floating integration, and therefore no movement or response occurs in isolation can easily be demonstrated with these models.

There are two fantastic models available:

Sqwish is a simple 3D model with interlinked sticks and strings, very similar to the standard simple biotensegrity models.  Push one area and the whole model responds.  The model can be compressed completely flat and will rebound to its original shape.

Skwish Stix is a slightly more complex model but the shape is more analogous to a human figure.  There is a central stick with interlinked sticks and strings.  It is a lovely visual aid to demonstrate cause and effect to your patients.

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