A change of direction……

I have a confession to make – I started on the wrong foot with Mint.  I listened to business advisors and people from other sectors instead of following my heart-felt principles.  I have always believed that if you have a product that you believe will help people it should be priced so that it is accessible to as many as possible.  It always frustrates me to see products marketed as the cure for a certain condition and either the price is not even published or it is only accessible to the high end of the market and then I fell into that trap myself….

I passionately believe that Osteopaths should be providing a practice environment that is safe and a patient journey that is of a consistently high standard in accord with the Osteopathic Practice Standards.  It has taken months developing the resources to help clinics with achieving, affirming and maintaining these standards and I want as many practitioners as possible to be accessing and using these resources, strengthening Osteopathy as the great profession it is.

For the moment Mint membership is unavailable whilst the business is restructured and the online learning platform completed.  There will be lower prices on all products and a much simpler product structure available soon.  If you would like to be notified when Mint changes are complete please leave us your email address.

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