Service Standards Development

You will probably have read in Osteopathy Today or the e-bulletins about the work of the Osteopathic Development Group.  They have 8 projects which were agreed in 2013.  Of particular interest to Mint is the Service Standards Consultation.  The proposed service standards may lead to the development of a professional award for service standards in the future.  The consultation on the standards recently closed so we await the results of the consultation and will keenly observe the development of this project.

One of the visions of Mint was to set-up a professional quality award that would reward those clinics that actively engaged in achieving clinical compliance.  It seems that the Osteopathic Development Group may well eventually set-up something similar.

We will develop the Mint resources as the Service Standards develop to make sure you will have the resources you need to assist you to fulfill the Service Standards and therefore reach the highest benchmarks set for practitioners.  As a member you will receive any updates and new learning resources for free as well as a discount on any printed patient information we produce.

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