Duty of Candour

From 27 November 2014 a statutory Duty of Candour was introduced in health and social care.  The GOsC response was reported in The Osteopath October/November 2014.

Candour is the quality of being open and honest.

Application of the Duty of Candour to osteopathic practice requires osteopaths to communicate to their patients when something goes wrong with treatment or care.  The duty promotes the need to communicate not only with patients but also colleagues, regulators and relevant organisations.  This ties in well with the development of the development of PILARS (Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System) by NCOR.  http://www.ncorpilars.org.uk  This is an anonymous incident reporting system which should be a great learning tool for the profession.

Reporting and discussing incidents and problems could be considered a new experience for the profession and as with any changes in culture it will probably take time before the PILARS system is fully utilised.  It will be a helpful tool for gathering evidence about incidents and helping the osteopathic profession to respond and improve.

We have included information on the duty of candour as an addition to our module on consent which all members will receive in their first quarter.

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